Thursday, September 21, 2006

stone roses

One of the things I love about this blog is the way it wakes me up to plants.

I wrote about sedums and then I drove my car to work (yes! shocking--one of the main reasons I took this job, besides the money and the mission statement of the organization (it's a writing center) is that it's within walking distance of my house). So it wasn't until this morning, when I walked my daughter's chihuahua, Pepe, around the block that I noticed all the sedums in my neighborhood. These plants have been here for years and I just noticed them today.

My favorites were the sempervivums, which were the members of the Crassulacaeae family that I didn't feature in yesterday's articles. Some of them go by the name of hen and chicks and I think that's what I saw this morning. Paghat, as usual, has a wonderful article on them:

One of their other common names is "stone rose" and that's exactly what they look like. I love the idea of these growing all over the stone windowsills and slate roofs of old houses. I also saw some love links (these are members of the sedum family, which I recognized from Paghat's site:

Hope you find some sedums in your life.

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kerrdelune said...

Ah the sedums..................... There is an Autumn Joy sedum in my garden and watching it turn rosy bronze in September is one of life's great fall pleasures.