Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Coffee Shop Sketches

Because I'm most likely to be sitting with a pen in my hand in front of a blank page while at a coffee shop, my notebook is full of sketches that evoke my favorite coffee shops.

The sketch at the left, while not accurate (the table and chair are painfully out of proportion to the clock) still captures a bit of the European flavor of Pettirosso, which makes the world's best veggie BLT sandwiches.

Here's a cup of coffee and a lamp from Victrola, my home away from home:

And finally a bouquet of fading flowers at Cafe Argento, just around the corner from where I work.

This one started out as a spirit drawing but I looked at my page as I was sketching the stems in the vase. My pen gave out at the top of the floral arrangement but I thought that simply amplified the theme of fading so I didn't retrace the lines.

I like having these little reminders of my days tucked inside the pages of my notebook.


cynthia said...

You make me want to draw! And I am not one who has any inclination this way at all. Bravo! What a fun blog this is, Waverly. I'm quite impressed. I will be back for more :))

amina said...

These are the most-lively sketches—I am always amazed by the endless possibilities we have at our fingertips to express ourselves—it is a delight to see these drawings!