Thursday, August 13, 2009

Many Moon Names

I'm a total fan of Havi Brooks of the Fluent Self, so it was totally amazing to be a featured guest at her Kitchen Table, and now she's mentioned my book on her delightful blog and suggested her readers play with one of the exercises, the one where you get to make up your own names for the moons. I'm reveling in all the creative names people posted as comments. Check it out!

I'm illustrating this blog entry with one of Catherine Kerr's magnificent moon photos. She has been taking these every full moon for years. This one, like the one featured on the Celebrations article at my new online magazine, is the August full moon. Cate always provides a long list of traditional names for each full moon as she did in the blog entry that accompanied the photograph.

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kerrdelune said...

Waverly my friend, thank you for the mention - it made me smile! The moon photo you chose is one of my very favorites, and very very soothing "stuff".