Monday, July 14, 2008

Flowers to Seeds

I mentioned in my newsletter that I was really noticing the transition from flower to seed at this time of the year and here are a few pictorial examples.

I love the way the seed pod is so visible inside the ruffled petals of the poppy. This photograph was taken almost two weeks ago and most of the petals have dropped by now.

This second photo is of the rhododendrons going to seed. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. I dropped my digital camera (a Canon) six weeks ago (which is why you've heard nothing from me) and borrowed a friend's camera to take these.But I'm not yet very comfortable with the new camera (a Fuji). I do like how you can see the withered petals of the flowers along with the swelling at the base of the ovaries and the long remaining pistil(?)

And finally the Coreopsis, one of whose common names is Tickweed because the black seeds look like ticks. This photo was taken a little too late at night, though I like the way the background suggests a black velvet painting. You can see the intermediate stage between the orange flower and the tick seeds in the pale green flower head that's closest to the camera. Behind it you see one that is farther along and turning brown. The curved sections are clutching the humped black seeds. I'll try to take a better picture of this and post it later.